Decoding Top Mobile Phone Aesthetics Trends for 2022

Mobile Phone Aesthetics Trends


Dazzle in the world of mobile technology is no longer just about possessing the fastest processor, longest battery life or the sharpest camera. Today, aesthetics plays an equally pivotal role. Industry giants are now delivering groundbreaking designs along with high-performance hardware, setting new standards in mobile phone aesthetics trends. So, as we transition into the year 2022, let’s decode some of the top mobile phone aesthetics trends you can expect to see.

1. The Rebirth of Retro

Ever noticed how trends work in cycles? The same applies to the mobile world too with a significant surge in the reinterpretation of yesteryears’ phones trends coming into the fore. Nostalgia is now the game-changer and manufacturers are capitalizing on this sentiment by revamping the classic models with contemporary features.

Flipping phones, once considered the epitome of chic, are now making steady inroads back into the market. Mobile giants like Samsung, Motorola, and Nokia are bringing back their iconic flip models in a futuristic smart format. So don’t be surprised when you come across a mobile phone aesthetics trend that feels like a déjà vu!

2. A Spectrum of Colors

Gone are the days where black and white were seen as the standard color schemes for mobile phones. Today, mobile brands are coming up with a plethora of color options for their flagship devices, allowing users to express their individuality through color. Vivid hues, dual-tone finishes, and sunset shades are among the top mobile phone aesthetics trends for 2022, transforming your device into a veritable fashion accessory.

Moreover, manufacturers are exploring color variants built on different themes, materials and textures, offering a diverse range of personalized devices. As a result, colored technology pieces that break the monotony of neutral colours are now the sign of new-age chic.

3. Bold Bezels and Curved Screens

As we know, technological advancement and aesthetics go hand in hand. This year, prepare to be engulfed by an impressive trend – the bold bezels and curved screens. With major brands driving towards ‘bezel-less’ smartphones, the trend has shifted towards immersive viewing experiences.

The curved screen provides not just an appealing look, but also enhances the immersive feeling when watching videos or playing games. As smartphones become multimedia devices, such design integration, offering a gigantic visual treat to the users, is one of the top mobile phone aesthetics trends 2022 is pioneering.

4. Glass Unibody Designs

Phone designs are increasingly veering towards a homogeneous look, with the glass unibody becoming a popular aesthetics trend. These designs ooze an air of elegance, with the seamless integration of the front and back glass with the metal frame allowing for a smooth and comfortable grip.

The glass unibody design trend capitalizes on both improving aesthetics and wireless charging capabilities, as metals – commonly used in phone bodies – interfere with this technology. Moving away from metal bodies, this trend uses the potential of glass in terms of allowing an array of color variants and attractive light-reflection possibilities.

5. Connected Ecosystems

The notion of mobile phone aesthetics has transcended beyond the physical appearance of the device, feeding into the functionality aspect too. Smartphone makers are focusing on creating a connected ecosystem wherein multiple devices function in cohesive harmony. Having a mobile device that syncs flawlessly with your wearable tech, home appliances, and even your vehicle serves to enhance the overall aesthetic experience.

Whether it’s seamless connectivity between your phone and wireless earbuds, or using your phone as a digital key for your car, 2022 will push for more integrated, aesthetically aligned functional ecosystems, making this an exciting mobile phone aesthetics trend to watch.


Mobile phone aesthetics has dramatically evolved over the past few years with the rise in consumer demand for design-integrated technology. With brands paying equal attention to performance and aesthetics, new trends like the rebirth of retro, a spectrum of colors, bold bezels and curved screens, glass unibody designs, and connected ecosystems have emerged to set the stage for 2022.

Indeed, the world of mobile phone aesthetics in 2022 is all set to offer far more than just looks or design. It is about creating a harmonious balance between form and function, between nostalgia and innovation, between color and texture. Hold your breath, for the mobile technology landscape is all set to take you on an aesthetics ride like never before.

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