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Established in 2021 in Washington, DC, Optodir LLC, also known as Optodir Tech is a rising brand specializing in high-quality tech accessories. Our unwavering dedication to exceptional design and craftsmanship drives us to produce top-tier products for cell phones, tablets, watches, and laptops. Our team of professionals is devoted to creating elegant and well-constructed accessories that enable you to maximize the potential of your devices.

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At Optodir LLC, we are committed to enhancing your mobile experience through our range of exceptional phone accessories, with a special focus on camera lens protectors. We understand the value of protecting your investment and adding a personalized touch to your device, hence our products are designed to ensure both quality protection and style enhancement for all mobile phone owners in the USA.

Guided by our commitment to improving lives and promoting digital connectivity, we employ a multi-channel e-commerce strategy to offer seamless access to our products. Our customers can browse and purchase our accessories through our online store website, optodir-tech.com, as well as on platforms such as Amazon, TikTok Shop, and Instagram Shop, creating a convenient and diverse shopping experience.

We are more than a business; we are a community. We aim to transform how people perceive and interact with their mobile devices by providing protection with style and sparkle, and ultimately, offering peace of mind and confidence. At Optodir LLC, we don’t just protect your phone; we enhance your mobile lifestyle.

Our Story

Optodir Tech made its debut on Amazon in 2021, rapidly gaining recognition in the cell phone accessory market. Our beautifully designed, well-crafted products reflect our team's unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our first offering was a diamond camera lens protector for the iPhone, which not only enhanced the device's aesthetic appeal but also provided protection from scratches and other damage. This product swiftly became a best-seller, propelling Optodir Tech to release additional items, including our inaugural cell phone case.

Thanks to our unparalleled quality, affordability, and thoughtful design, Optodir Tech has garnered a loyal consumer base. As we continue to make strides in the cell phone accessory market, we strive to solidify our position as a top-tier brand.

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